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The Founder's Corner

After his freshman year at the University of New Orleans (UNO) and returning to his hometown for the summer, Kendrick "Ken" White began working with inner city kids through a summer program.  When he returned to UNO, his summer internship created a path for him to serve as a mentor at six elementary campuses in greater New Orleans over a two-year period.  He provided academic assistance and implemented key components of social programs that taught life skills.  Along that journey, Ken discovered his purpose in life . . . serving others.


The Gulf Coast Organization was organized June 2011.  As the Founder of the Gulf Coast Organization, Ken's goal is to have a lasting impact on communities throughout the Gulf Coast region.  Ken believes that education is the foundation to success and sustainable living.  He also believes that it takes a village to raise kids.  So, Ken is enthusiastic about collaborating with community members, leaders, and business entities to help GCO make a difference in the lives of others for many years to come.  


Kendrick "Ken" White

Our Philosophy

The Gulf Coast Organization strives to effectuate positive social change across communities by creating prototype educational and career development initiatives that reach today’s youth and produce tomorrow’s leaders.  The Gulf Coast Organization provides invaluable education and career planning resources to communities across the Gulf Coast region.

Our History
  • GCO was formed June 2011.

  • GCO is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization that is organized in the State of Texas.

  • Since GCO's mission is to "educate," its student participants are referred to as "scholars.”

  • Since 2011, GCO's roll of active scholars has grown by more than 123%.

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